Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decorating for that First-Born

When having your first baby, it is easy to get carried away with all the firsts that are happening...first baby kicks, first baby shower and first time decorating a nursery.  There are so many firsts that come along with the territory of having a baby including on deciding how to make your nursery as cute as the baby. My hubby and I decided to find out what the gender of our baby was so that we could decorate our nursery accordingly.  It was our last element of control before the baby arrived! What we didn't know about was this website called http://www.become.com/

Become.com has everything a first-time parent would need, including knick-knacks for around the house.  What is helpful is that everything is in one place so there is no need to drive around town while toting your baby along into ten different stores.  Become.com is a one-stop shop for all those purchases that we first-time parents make!

They even have children's bedding and furniture for decorating that nursery! Since I only have one baby, I'm not sure if with the next one decorating a nursery is still fun or if it becomes more of a chore - I would like to think that even the second (third, fourth) time around, it is still exciting to be putting up baby stuff! Regardless of how you feel about decorating, http://www.become.com/ makes it fairly easy to decorate that baby room since all the bedding comes in one package! They have a set for boy or girl...or neutral if you stay traditional and not find out the gender of your baby! We ended up with a boy and decided to have an airplane decor (like I said, before we knew about this website) but I do think the farm crib bedding would be very cute for a little boy! They also have lavendar crib bedding and black crib bedding (which is my favorite, with a splash of color such as pink or yellow) for those families with girls. These bedding sets are more expensive than other stores but when making this purchase, one must keep in mind that all the pieces are included so you do not have buy them separately. 

Other firsts include joyous moments of rolling over, steps taken and words spoken AND those not so joyous sleepless nights, days spent trying to make that baby happy and hours spent on the floor entertaining said baby.  These firsts may prompt a parent to want to take a shopping trip or two for a short getaway.  When that need arises but one cannot fulfill it, Become.com is a great place to find virtually anything all from the comfort of your home!  

And when that first born becomes an older brother or sister... http://www.become.com/ also has some top of the line stroller systems such as the Graco duoglide double stroller - perfect for the first family trip to Disneyland!

carousel designs bedding set
carousel designs bedding set
a few of my favs!

 [brought to you by your friends at http://become.com/]

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